Suzanne Baginskie, Author

                                                                                                    Suzanne Baginskie, Author

                                                                                                         Welcome to my website.

                      ABOUT ME:

                                                       I've been writing ever since my mother gifted me with a five-year diary for my eighth birthday.

                             Unknowingly, my mother's inspirational nudge helped the writer inside me emerge. I recently

                       retired from a lengthy paralegal career in a law office. Now, I write daily, spinning tales of

                          romantic suspense that pair tantalizing mystery with compelling romance. Fascinated with

                    strong FBI female characters and their male counterparts, I love solving cybercrimes and

                                situations that involve human trafficking, gangs and drugs. In my books, the special FBI agents

                                                   work together through difficult life-threatening criminal activities, and at times fall in love.                                          

                                                               My publisher is Magnolia Blossom Publishing, an imprint of D. S. Publishing. The                                                                                       first book of my FBI Affairs series came out October 17, 2021, and since then, the second and third                                                                     installment have followed. The books can be read as a series or as a standalone. I'm currently writing                                                           the fourth book in the series. 


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