When an undercover sting in Nevada at a Las Vegas Casino goes wrong, FBI Special Agent Noelle Farrell's cover is blown, and someone wants revenge. Noelle is sent to Florida under the Witness Protection Program where she runs into her old partner, FBI Special Agent Kyle Rivers, a man she worked closely with and admired. 

          Kyle's mourning his father. He failed to keep him safe from a deadly stalker. Deep in hiding as a witness for the IRS, someone targets Noelle. She fears for herself and her four-year-old daughter's safety. Noelle struggles to keep her independence. Kyle vows to protect Noelle, unaware she has a secret--one her assailants already know. (See The Mystery Section page to read an excerpt.)

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          FBI Special Agent Diane Emerson seemingly has it all:  A successful career with the FBI, a close-knit relationship with her twin sister, and deep ties to her city of residence, Allentown, Pennsylvania. Where her sister goes missing, Dianes's life is turned upside-down. As horrible as this is, other women are disappearing as well. Diane discovers the tentacle of embedded evil and a thick trail of cybercrime and murder.

          When her ex-flame, FBI Special Agent Alex Kane, is transferred to Allentown, Diane now has to add affairs of the heart to her worry list. But when she herself becomes a target, the affairs of the heart will have to wait as Diane and Alex fight to uncover these malevolent forces--malevolent forces that could wind up killing her.

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          From the white sandy beaches of Daytona, Florida and across to the gulf's west coast, little girls are vanishing. FBI Special Agent Joy Reese is desperate to discover clues that help track them down. When the first abducted child turns up dead, the predators challenge Reese's deepest convictions of guilt, innocence, and her own childhood. Vulnerable, she's forced to face her own fears. The bad guys stay one step ahead of her. When she becomes their target, she must stop them or survive dangerous threats against her own life.

          Meanwhile Reese's partner, FBI Special Agent Evan McClure is still reeling from his wife's death. He's determined to keep Agent Reese alive. Suddenly, he's drawn into a twisted conspiracy of cybercrime which grows even more complex as they discover a trail of dead bodies. As the pressure builds, the group doesn't play by the rules. When the case turns personal, he trusts his inner instincts and takes the ultimate risk of protecting Reese, the one person he totally trusts and more....

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